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Theatre in Chennai, India

Some of Chennai's well-known theatre groups are:


Founded in 1973 by popular Film and Television Comedian and Dramatist S.Ve Sheker, Natakhapriya has staged over 3500 shows to date. Natakhapriya is one of the most prominent Drama troupes in Tamil today under the able guidance of its President S.V.Venkatraman. They have given performances in countries like the United States, Europe, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. Some of their popular plays have received rave reviews are Thathuppillai, Eppavum nee raja, Chinna Maapley Periya Maapley, Perriya Thambi, Athirshtakkaran, One more exorcist, Ellarum Vaanga.

Little Theatre:

Theatre in Chennai Aysha Rau formed little Theatre group, in May 1991, to promote theatre for children and tap their creative potential. It promotes creative aptitude and talent through workshops in dance, drama, art and craft, mime, music, pottery, puppetry, magic, photography and 3-D projects conducted by professionals. The children are taken for educative excursions. The key word in Little Theatre is 'to have fun'. It has a membership of around 70 children between the ages of 5 and 14. The children, besides being in the workshop, also get to participate in their annual pantomime.

Theatre in Chennai Masquerade:

A performance group dedicated to the propagation of theatre in Chennai, Krishna Kumar and a group of enthusiastic theatre buffs started Masquerade in 1994. This group has staged 14 theatre productions so far. The group produces both popular and experimental plays. The group has a consortium of talented people in all aspects of theatre production, like choreography, lighting etc. Masquerade's current focus is to bring in the concept of community theatre, with larger audiences, social interaction and continuous financial support